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for All Types of Offenses in West Virginia

for All Types of
Criminal Offenses
in West Virginia

• Assault
• Boating/Intoxicated
• Computer Crimes
Domestic Battery
Drug Crimes
• Drug Distribution

• Drug Possession
• Drug Trafficking
DUI Arrest
Misdemeanor Arrest
Felony Arrest
• Fraud

• Counterfeiting
• Shoplifting/Theft
• Weapons Charges
White Collar Crimes

Domestic Battery Offenses in West Virginia

Chapter 61 of the West Virginia Code defines the criminal offenses for domestic battery in the state. A first offense incident of domestic battery is a misdemeanor that upon conviction brings penalty of 12 months and/or $500. A second conviction brings a penalty of 60 days to a year in jail, and/or a $1,000 fine.

Domestic assault to a family member, upon conviction, carries a misdemeanor penalty of six months and/or $100 fine. A second conviction can bring jail time of 30 to 60 days, and/or a $500 fine.

A third conviction within ten years of the first two convictions of either assault or battery brings a felony penalty of one to five years in state correctional facility and/or a $2,500 fine.

Drug Crime – Distribution, Possession, & Trafficking
(State & Federal)

Chapter 60A of the West Virginia Code outlines the offenses and penalties for controlled substances in West Virginia. The law prohibits the manufacture, delivery, possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance. These are classified according by Schedules I through V.

Schedule I or II narcotics is a felony; state prison for one to 15 years and/or $25,000.

Schedule I, II, or III non-narcotic is a felony; state prison for one to five years and/or $15,000.

Schedule IV substance is a felony; state prison for one to three years and/or $10,000.

Schedule V substance is a misdemeanor; jail for six to 12 months and/or $5,000.
Counterfeit Substances

Schedule I or II narcotics is a felony; imprisonment for one to 15 years and/or $25,000.

Schedule I, II, or III non-narcotic is a felony; state prison for one to five years and/or $15,000.

Schedule IV substance is a felony; state prison for one to three years and/or $10,000.

Schedule V substance is a misdemeanor; jail for six to 12 months and/or $5,000.

Persons convicted of withholding information from prescribing physicians in order to obtain a controlled substance can receive nine months in jail and/or
$2,500 fine.

DUI Arrest, Including Boating While Intoxicated

Operating a vehicle in WV while intoxicated, on the road or in the water, carries the following penalties:

For a first misdemeanor offense, there is no mandatory minimum jail time. However, a second offense can bring six months to a year in jail, along with a fine of $1,000 to $3,000 plus court costs.

If a first DUI or drunk driving causes an accident resulting in death or serious injury, the first aggravated offense is a felony DUI, that carries a minimum ten years jail time. A repeat DUI offense within ten years has even harsher penalties.

Felony Arrest in West Virginia - Classes

Felony offenses in West Virginia have class categories which determines the amount of find or jail time offenders may expect upon conviction:

Class 1 felonies include the most serious offenses like murder; punishable by life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Class 2 felonies are punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

Class 3 felonies carry prison sentences between five and 25 years.

Class 4 crimes are punishable by two to ten years.

Class 5 carries a fine of $2,500 and jail time of one to ten years.

Class 6 felonies carry a maximum sentence of $2,500 fine and five years in a state penitentiary.

Misdemeanor Arrest

A misdemeanor offense includes those infractions of the law that may seem minor in comparison to felonies, but they remain on your record. These are the classes of misdemeanor offenses in the state with punishment upon conviction:

Class 1 misdemeanors carry a maximum sentence of 12 months in a county jail and a fine of $2,500. Class 2 can give you six months in the county jail with a fine of $1,000. Class 3 and Class 4 usually do not include a jail sentence, but you face penalty fines of $500 or $250, respectively.

White Collar Crimes in WV:
Money Laundering & Computer Crimes

Among the types of white collar crimes residents may be arrested for in West Virginia include….

Embezzlement is a Class B felony If the value of the property is $25,000 or more.
Penalties include a fine of up to $15,000, between five and 20 years in prison, or both.
Embezzlement of property worth less than $950 is a misdemeanor, subjecting a defendant to a possible jail sentence of six months or less, and a fine of up to $1,000.
Wire Fraud – Credit Card, Check, or Internet Fraud
Firearm Offenses
Computer Crimes/Cyber Crime
Bribery and Honest Service Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Environmental Crimes

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