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When law enforcement apprehends you or a loved one, the goal is to get bail and get out of jail. Nobody wants to languish behind bars, so call Atkinson Bonding at the first opportunity. Get answers from staff who are knowledgeable in legal matters along with bail bond services you need from experienced professionals serving West Virginia residents for more than two decades. Owner Georgiana Atkinson operates Atkinson Bonding 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we are here for you—you can even call us collect. Georgiana’s husband was a magistrate and she has much experience with the law, people in the court system, and the police. We pride ourselves on keeping the amount of time you spend behind bars as brief as possible.

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West Virginia residents throughout the Parkersburg region rely on Atkinson Bonding for excellence in bail bonds and surety services. We offer a variety of ways to get out from behind bars because we understand how important freedom is to clients who are charged with criminal offenses. We stand behind the premise and promise of being innocent until the courts and legal system prove otherwise, so Atkinson Bonding helps you maintain your independence.

Give us a call now and let us handle the stress. Count on us to help if you face any of these types of offenses:

Atkinson Bonding Stands with You on the Right to Bail

West Virginia laws pertaining to criminal justice can be found in Chapter 62 of the West Virginia Code, which provides for the right to bail:

§62-1C-1. Right to bail; exceptions; review.

(a) A person arrested for an offense not punishable by life imprisonment shall be admitted to bail by the court or magistrate. A person arrested for an offense punishable by life imprisonment may, in the discretion of the court that will have jurisdiction to try the offense, be admitted to bail.
(b) Bail may be allowed pending appeal from a conviction, except that bail shall not be granted where the offense is punishable by life imprisonment or where the court has determined from the evidence at the trial or upon a plea of guilty or nolo contendere that the offense was committed or attempted to be committed with the use, presentment or brandishing of a firearm or other deadly weapon, or by the use of violence to a person: Provided, That the denial of bail under one of these exceptions may be reviewed by summary petition to the Supreme Court of Appeals or any justice thereof, and the petition for bail may be granted where there is a likelihood that the defendant will prevail upon the appeal. The court or judge allowing bail pending appeal may at any time revoke the order admitting the defendant to bail.
(c) The amount of bail or the discretionary denial of bail at any stage of the proceedings may be reviewed by summary petition first to the lower appellate court, if any, and thereafter by summary petition to the Supreme Court of Appeals or any judge thereof.